Is your head buzzing with ideas? Are you busy as a bee, thinking about this year’s Major Burnable Sculpture (MBS) for SOAK*2019: Hive Mind? “What is the Major Burnable Sculpture?” you may ask. MBS is our Burning Man regional’s version of The Man. Just like The Man, all SOAK citizens are invited to watch the sculpture burn on Saturday evening. That’s right – Whatever creative thing we help you build only has to be transported ONE WAY!! We’re gonna burn that S#%* to the GROUND!! YAY FIRE!!! Unlike Burning Man, SOAK’s MBS doesn’t need to be a Man effigy. Past examples of our MBS’s include a phoenix, a rocket, a gnome castle, and a battle narwhal.

No idea is too small, too big, too simple, or too ridiculous – We’ll take it and translate into something that we can build. To help us visualize your idea, you MUST send us a sketch/photo/model of it, even if it’s a tiny scribble on a sticky pad. Please attached it to the submission form as a JPEG’s file. Voting on submissions will happen soon after the deadline, and we will announce the MBS winner idea during the Town Hall meeting, sometime in February.

Submit your ideas before 01/10/19 using this form:
The deadline is less than a month away! Don’t bumble on this or you’ll miss it. Our workers are standing by eager to receive a swarm of your submissions. We’re looking forward to helping your idea become reality and have you join our talented crew of MBS builders (no building experience necessary)! Go forth and create !!!

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