SOAK*2019, the 15th annual regional Burning Man gathering for Portland and western Oregon, is planned for May 23 – 27, 2019 (Memorial Day weekend) at the Justesen Ranch at White River Canyon in Tygh Valley, Oregon. SOAK is organized by an all-volunteer team and is a program of Precipitation NW.

SOAK*2019 Census

2019 Census

Did you go to SOAK this year? Take 5 minutes to help us gain a better understanding of the temporary community we serve. We’ll use the information you provide (this year and in following years) to evaluate our hiring practices, create financial support mechanisms, adjust our policies, improve our written materials, and better train our volunteers.

This survey is anonymous. We will not contact you about your answers. We will not sell this information, or give it away, or use it to market dumb stuff to you. We promise.

The What Where When Guide is out! Download the PDF here.

To download a PDF of the map, click here.

Note, for those with printed copies of the 2019 Survival Guide, the Gate Hours dates on the first page are incorrect. The correct dates are:
Gate Hours:
Thursday, May 23:
Noon – Midnight
Friday, May 24:
9:00 am – Midnight
Saturday, May 25:
9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sunday, May 26:
9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Monday, May 27:
Event ends. Have an exit plan and be gone by 3:00 pm — not packing, GONE.

Our Core Values
Participation • Accountability • Responsibility • Respect

SOAK is organized by an all-volunteer team, and is a program of Precipitation NW.