Happy Groundhog Day!

We are happy to report that Tygh Valley Tammy, our premier groundhog of prognostication, emerged from her burrow this morning and did *not* see her shadow! This omen means SOAK*2017 will begin as expected on May 25th. This event will be the thirteenth annual SOAK, and the third consecutive year holding the event in glorious Tygh Valley.

After failing to see her shadow, Tammy began grooming herself, murmuring softly in Latin, “Tesseras vendidit in March”, and floated gently six inches off the ground. These actions were not interpreted as having any special significance.

We are celebrating this divination via burrowing rodent by sharing this vision of SOAK*2017: Superstition, by the fabulously talented artist and SOAKer, Janet Lackey!

In the event that you do not observe Groundhog Day, please accept our wishes of a joyous Candlemas and a blessed Imbolc. Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again!

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