Main Sale #1 debrief

tl, dr: We know the first sale was rough! We’re working on the technology snafus and plan to make the next one better!

SOAK*2017 Ticket Sale #2
April 29 10:00 am PDT

We had significant server issues with Main Sale #1 tonight. In the coming days, we will be analyzing the various error reports and investigating changes in the hopes of making sure that future sales run more smoothly. We did sell a staggering number of tickets in the first hour of sales; so the server load was very real, much higher than for SOAK*2016. The teams involved are already working hard to learn from this experience and make the next sale better.

If you did not succeed in acquiring tickets or an RV/Trailer pass, you’ll have another chance! As promised, there will be a second ticket sale on Saturday, April 29th at 10:00 am PDT.

Having two sales this year helps to reduce the chance that someone will miss out on the sale entirely due to travel, illness, or server outages. We will do our best to make sure the second sale goes more smoothly.

SOAK*2017 Ticket Sale #2
Saturday, April 29th @ 10:00 am, Portland time

Tickets: $110
Kids 12 and under may attend for free (with a legal guardian)

RV/Trailer Passes: $40
If you wish to camp with your RV, camper trailer, bus conversion, or truck-mounted camper, you must purchase an RV/Trailer Pass. People bringing such a vehicle without a proper RV/Trailer Pass will be turned away at the Gate.

Camping in a car, truck, bus, or van that has not been permanently modified to be a camping vehicle is prohibited by Wasco County. Permanently modified custom vehicles will be considered on an individual basis, and will require purchase of an RV/Trailer Pass. If you are not sure if yours is an authorized camping vehicle, please email us at

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