An Olio of Updates!

With all of the recent excitement around ticket sales and theme camp symposiums and the like, there are a few SOAK*2017 updates that may have escaped your notice. Here is a veritable olio of updates for your delight and edification.



WhatWhereWhen: submissions due April 20!

We are currently accepting submissions for the “WhatWhereWhen”, a catalog of art, events, and performances at SOAK. If you would like to have your art, event, workshop, or performance included in this indispensable guide, registrations close April 20th.


Survival Guide

The SOAK*2017 Survival Guide is available in PDF format! This document is chock full of tips and suggestions to help ensure you have a great time and minimum hassles at the event. We heartily encourage you to read it thoroughly and make your SOAKing plans accordingly. Again this year, the layout and graphic design of the Survival Guide comes to us via the fabulously talented Cyan; a huge thank you to her!


SOAK Information Radio, 88.1 FM

SIR returns for another fabulous year full of music and PSAs. Submit your public service announcements, theme camp activity shout-outs, love letters, gripes, music, whatever your heart pleases to Our thanks to the fine folks at SOAK Central Services for filling our airwaves so delightfully!


SOAK*2017 Ticket Exchange!

Still looking for that elusive ticket to SOAK? Got a spare ticket you’re eager to pass along? Check out the ticket exchange group that has been setup on Facebook!


Rideshare to SOAK

We encourage our participants to reduce our environmental and traffic impact by reducing the number of cars attending our event. Sign up to be potential passenger looking for a driver, or a dedicated driver looking for riders.

Theme Camp Registration: submissions due April 12!

Theme Camp registration closed on April 12.

Art Registration:

Art Registration closed on April 12th.

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