A message from the spirit world, to Theme Camps and Artist Support Camps

An email was sent out to all Theme Camps and a selection of Artist Support Camps on April 21 (around 2 pm), addressing such arcana as Early Access requests, camps with Fire Art, and camps requesting gray water containers. If you are the contact person for a theme camp and do not see such an email, please contact the Placement team as soon as possible at placement2017@soakpdx.com.


The Placement team has already gathered around a site map, hands on a planchette, waiting for your camp’s aura to guide them to the proper location for your theme camp and art project.


By May 4th, the team hopes to have a final announcement on which theme camps will be attending SOAK. If you have previously registered a theme camp for SOAK and now need to cancel those plans for whatever reason, please let us know by midnight on April 30th! That deadline is after the second (and final!) ticket sale (on the 29th), so hopefully camps will know how many of their essential personnel have acquired tickets and will be able to make the magic happen.
We hope you’re as excited about SOAK*2017 as we are; it’s going to be here before you know it!

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