Deadline extended for Greywater Holding Tanks reservations!

Deadline extended until May 3rd to capture as many Leave No Trace lovers as possible!

(This message previously sent to registered theme camps and artists).

Hello Theme Camps!

Great news! Once again for SOAK 2017, we will be offering the ability to add greywater holding tanks as a service delivered direct from our porto potty vendor, Bishop Sanitation. (We used them for SOAK 2015).

The cost per tank will be $175, which is the direct price from the vendor including the cost of delivery to SOAK and one mandatory pumping service ($75). We understand this is a price hike from last year, and want to be clear that the difference is due to the cost of a pumping and disposal – which was not offered last year, as well as this being a change in vendor.

They will be delivered on Tuesday before Early Arrival, and picked up again the following Tuesday. There will be one pumping/disposal service during the event. The tanks are 350 gallon pvc tanks. They come with a 10” pour-capable lid, and a smaller 5” hose opening. They are rigid plastic, but please don’t set anything on top of them. You will likely need to drag or push them to the spot you want them in your camp. Please ensure you choose a spot near a road or path where the pump trucks can reach them, if you do not leave them in a flat accessible spot, you will not receive your one pumping service. They will initially be delivered to a location where their trucks can drop them, so if your camp is set back in the trees or up on a hill where a delivery truck can not reach, you will be responsible for bringing them the rest of the way into your camp. If your camp is not accessible by a pumping truck, then you will only receive a pump out service once the event is over.

Each tank has a capacity of up to about 30 people with light kitchen use and an occasional camp shower. These are not able to sustain regular household water usage such as daily showering, but will do the trick to keep your graywater off the ground, helping us to leave no trace. You may order more than one, if you feel your camp needs it. We do not have the exact dimensions of the tanks at this time. In 2015, they were about 2 feet tall by 6 feet long. Do not put any food or solid waste into the tanks. These are for gray water (dish, bathing) only. Pro Tip: Put a kitchen strainer over the hole to help catch debris.

Emily (Ghostess) will be on site Tuesday to receive the deliveries, and make sure they get deposited in the right spot near or in your camp.

Please complete your order by May 3rd, so we can place our order with the vendor in a timely manner. Make sure to keep your browser tab open after your purchase. You will be redirected to a separate page to confirm your order and Theme Camp name with SOAK.

Purchase them here:…

Confirm your camp name and order here after your purchase:…/1hhuUrjUSoZU9PwXvOhpln5mEcj…/edit…

With love and gratitude,


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