Last minute SOAK wisdom from the oracles

This may be the last announcement you receive before a great number of us depart to Tygh Valley for SOAK*2017: Superstition. This is our thirteenth SOAK, and we’re anticipating great things! The White River will run red with blood, frogs will rain from the sky, locusts, famine, overflowing parking, crowning portos! As a protective ritual against the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, we offer these following tidbits of advice.

Survival Guide

Some pilots hold a superstitious belief that whistling in the cockpit is inviting a horrible accident. Actors will not mention the play “Macbeth” in a theater, thinking it to be bad luck. For SOAK participants, we believe that one tempts fate and invites calamity by not thoroughly reading the Survival Guide before the event. Misfortunes can be avoided by a careful reading of the Survival Guide. Forewarned is forearmed, and who wouldn’t like to have four arms?!



There is a popular superstition that claims that “Size matters.” In that spirit, we are obliged to report the newest version of the WhatWhereWhen has substantially increased in girth, from a swollen 13 pages of content in 2016, to a whopping 22 pages of content this year! A catalog of events that big should be able to satisfy even the most demanding of SOAK participants! This hefty tome also includes the official site map, with markers for a tremendous number of theme camps and art exhibits.

SOAK Information Radio (SIR), 88.1 FM

There are people who claim that radio waves can be used for mind control, implanting thoughts and affecting your mental equilibrium. At SOAK, we will be deeply exploring this belief by bringing back SOAK Information Radio for another year! Tune into 88.1 FM during the event to allow your mind to be swayed by subversive music, useful information, interviews, and more!

Perhaps you would like to be one of the puppet masters pulling the strings that controls SOAK participants. Maybe you have a short audio promo for your theme camp or art project, perhaps you want to confess your undying love or ephemeral lust for one of your dedicated SOAK leads, or you have a musical request that you’re certain everyone needs to hear. Please send a finished audio file to

Gift Ticket Policy

People volunteer at SOAK for many reasons, and one reason is to receive a ticket for the following year. The policy changes each year, and it’s important to note that there will not be a half-price ticket option for SOAK*2018. The policy for this year is that a volunteer will receive a FREE ticket to SOAK*2018 by working shifts equivalent to 16 points this year.

The Gift Ticket policy is published in full at

Getting There

The event site is Justesen Ranch, 89720 Jake Davidson Road, Tygh Valley. You can use Google Maps or Apple Maps to reach the site using the latitude/longitude coordinates of 45.231723, -121.165450. If you strongly prefer step-by-step directions compiled by a human, please consult the last page of the Survival Guide ( for detailed driving directions.

Ride share

Please help minimize our environmental and traffic impact by reducing the number of cars attending. Carry at least two people in each vehicle, if you can.

Sign up for a ride share:


Need some water after arriving in Tygh Valley? Have some cash? There will be a water filling station at the Tygh School Community Center (57594 Tygh Valley Rd) where you can fill up and leave a donation for the center.

Getting through Gate and Box Office

Need to stop at Will Call?

Proceed directly to Gate, and you will be instructed on how to pick up your ticket or pass. Photo ID matching the name on your ticket is required.

To get through Gate swiftly and easily:

  • Have your ticket(s) and ID(s) ready before you get to Gate. If you have items at Will Call, you will be directed to Box Office.
  • Make sure your RV/rig/trailer is unlocked and accessible for searches.
  • Abide by all federal, state, and local driving/vehicle laws. Do not travel with open alcohol containers, illegal drugs or paraphernalia, or hazardous materials.
  • Stay with your vehicle; do not exit the vehicle unless asked to do so.
  • After your ticket is taken, your vehicle is searched, and you are given a wristband, you will proceed to the Ambassadors station, where you will be greeted and oriented to the SOAK site.

Need help at SOAK?

Medical services: SOAK provides a professional medical service and an all-volunteer medical staff. The medical station offers first aid and basic triage, and is indicated on your map. In the event of an emergency that cannot be handled on site, emergency services will be called. Notify any staff member with a radio if you have an emergency, or witness one.

Rangers: You are responsible for your actions. This includes respecting your neighbors, controlling the volume of your camp, and working out disagreements respectfully. Rangers patrol the event, and you can reach out to them for help resolving a conflict if you cannot do it on your own. Typically dressed in khaki or in dark green SOAK Ranger shirts, Rangers are participants who volunteer to help to make our event safe, smooth, and enjoyable.

Need immediate assistance while at SOAK? Look for staff carrying radios! Any volunteer carrying a radio can hail emergency services or call for help.

Contacting a participant from the default world: It is difficult to reach SOAK participants from the default world. Be sure that anyone likely to try to reach you knows where you expect to camp, and what alternative names you may go by. Provide this information to your emergency contacts:

Best option- Voice (503) 568-1451 extension 999

Good option- Text (503) 568-1451

Slower option – Email


This is a LEAVE NO TRACE event. Bring sealable receptacles for your garbage, compost, and recycling. Pack it in, pack it out; this includes garbage, gray water, and food. Nothing should touch the ground, including gray water. Dumping gray water on the ground or in the White River will lead to you being ejected from the event. Leave time to conduct final LNT sweeps before you depart.


Once you are packed and ready to load, you will be allowed to retrieve your vehicle to quickly load near your campsite before you exit the event. Vehicles are released in pulses onto a one-lane road, with traffic controlled at both ends. You must be gone by 3 pm Monday. Don’t forget to include time for Leave No Trace sweeps in your exit planning.


There you go, that’s the best collection of last-minute advice we could assemble. We’ll see you all on site! We’re very excited about another totally amazing and delightful SOAK! Thank you all for being a part of it!

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