2018 Theme Announced: Parallel Multiverse

A mermaid swims in one direction, stars in her wake. Unseen but traveling the very same path, separated only by a blink of the eye, the twitch of a cat, the veil of consciousness, swims a flying fish trailed by a school of neon betas. Water, bubbles, stars. The entirety of space, time, matter, energy across many universes hypothetical and known. Side by side, unknowable infinities of reality unfold, creations of the imagination or of science, or both. When SOAK once again returns to existence, emerging from the mist this spring in Tygh Valley, Oregon, its theme will be Parallel Multiverse.

Multiple universes, parallel worlds, quantum realities – call them what you will. The Parallel Multiverse has been invented and conceived time and again in science fiction, fantasy, physics, religion, and philosophy. Two years after SOAK embraced Science, one year after it was swept by Superstition, we turn to a theme that transcends all such limits. It brings us aquatic Americans governed by President Fishy Sanders; a world just like ours but lacking the color green; ethical conundrums about predestination; and a need to explore.

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