Seeking Proposals for Major Burnable Sculpture through Jan. 26

Do you have a grand idea for a major burnable sculpture at SOAK, which will be immolated during the Saturday night burn, and ideas about how to bring it to life? SOAK will provide the budget, tools, build space and the nucleus of a crew (including build leads with project management experience) while you focus on leading the team to execute your artistic vision.

 Submit your proposal by January 26 by completing this form.

One thought on “Seeking Proposals for Major Burnable Sculpture through Jan. 26

  • January 16, 2018 at 12:52 pm

    Some artists give little thought to how fire will interact with the shape and aesthetics of their art. Design elements can focus, spread, guide and showcase the flame, you can influence the last moments of your art and send it out with a flourish. As well, you have the opportunity to affect how it will collapse. Most times we (the Arson Crew) make cuts in the structural members to nudge it towards a spectacular collapse and it works pretty okay. But, if the design includes a few “engineered flaws” then the result can be amazing. Look at design elements that have tension or compression, it’s stored energy, it can do neat stuff when that energy is suddenly released!
    ‘Chimneys’, box beams, and even HVAC ducting can be used to channel flames to less flammable areas or poke ’em through the roof for a column of flame until the main fire reaches it.
    The possibilities are endless.
    Get in touch with me, I want to see your art burn right.


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