We Have a Sound Policy

Last year, we heard your concerns about sound at SOAK. We also followed your recent conversation about it here on Facebook. It was clear that our sound policy needed work, and we asked a group of 14 people (including 3 community representatives who are not SOAK volunteer staff) to collaborate on the necessary updates. Here are the results.

Comments or concerns? Share them on soakpdx.com/contact or at the upcoming Town Hall.

One thought on “We Have a Sound Policy

  • February 26, 2018 at 8:27 pm

    Savor this moment in our history…
    So, there was a divide in our community regarding the balance of civic responsibility and self-expression. A small committee within our community has picked one side of the debate, created a new policy that is to be enforced by… get this… brown shirts!
    “All participants must abide by this policy. If you believe a participant is not following the policy, bring your concerns to SOAK Rangers, who can be identified by their khaki or olive green clothes and lanyards.”
    Did the Rangers agree to impose your sound preferences on the rest of us? Will they remove me by force if I play my bagpipes at sunrise? What about the guy who played loud disco on his boombox at all hours last year… am I responsible for turning him into the authorities? (he was my favorite!)
    This policy and the way it was introduced is utterly antithetical to my interpretation of the 8 principles. If you feel threatened, that’s the communities problem and needs to be addressed. If you feel annoyed by someone’s self-expression, that’s YOUR problem.


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