For Your Consideration: What is a Theme Camp? What is Art?

What is a Theme Camp?

A Participatory group with some theme, idea or offering that unites a group. This can be gifting peanut butter sandwiches, offering consent workshops, finger painting with blacklights, creating a dance or flow arts space, gifting clothing, sharing bad advice, distributing vegan tacos, heckling etc. A Theme Camp might be 3 tents and a pop-up or a chill dome with people camped behind it, or it could be a stage, with lighting and sound systems. Or anything in between. Theme Camps generally contain a public space and someplace for camp members to sleep, hangout, eat and live. Theme Camps can most certainly be creative and beautifully presented, but they tend to provide a space to do the creating, not to exist as the singular creation itself.

What is Art?

This is a big one. We can truly spend the rest of our lives listing things that should be considered Art —  like hand written pricing labels or toilets. For the purposes of Artist Provisions, Art is an independent, stand-alone project of aesthetic interest that generally does not include space for sleeping, except on large builds, where artists might pitch tents temporarily to work near their project and then retreat to a camp once installed/built. Art may be something you look at or something you participate with that often utilizes visual and non-verbal communication. Art is generally something you have created, designed, painted, programmed etc, not something you bought from a store.

What is an Art Support Camp?

Art Support Camps exist specifically to house artists & their helpers and are distinct from Theme Camps that feature activities for SOAK participants. Is your camp made up of people assisting your art project, with little or no activities designed for SOAK participants? You don’t need street-facing placement, aka camp “frontage”, as much because you have little to no public activities. You don’t have a major sound system, because major sound is not the point of your camp. Your gift is your art and your work. If this sounds like you, you may need an Art Support Camp.

If you are bringing a Theme Camp, Art, or an Art Support Camp, apply for Placement here.



I have a Mutant Vehicle, am I eligible for Artist Provisions?

Yes, apply for Provisions, register your Mutant Vehicle and also request Placement through March 12, 2018 11:59 pm PST


I have a Mutant Vehicle, am I eligible for an Art Support Camp?

Yes, register your Mutant Vehicle and also request an Art Support Camp from Placement.


Can I register my previous Theme Camp as an Art Support Camp?

Unless your camp is extremely different this year, has no sound system, no public events and has a new name, please don’t.

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