Wrapping up SOAK*2018: Bonus! Census and Sound Policy Survey Results

Wrapping up SOAK*2018!: The Census, a sound policy follow-up survey, and lost & found:

As always, SOAK was challenging and fulfilling and inspiring. This was our 14th year and we’ve grown to 1800 people. Overall, we did a better job Leaving No Trace than in past years, and we were (mostly) respectful of the new Sound Policy. Our relationships with our host and the local agencies continue to be solid, and we plan to return to Justesen Ranch in 2019. Thank you for participating in your own unique ways.

Just a few more things before we put away the last of our bins and start focusing on the playa:

NEW! SOAK*2018 Census

The Census helps us gain a better understanding of the temporary community we serve. We use the information you provide (this year and in following years) to evaluate our hiring practices, create financial support mechanisms, adjust our policies, improve our written materials, and better train our volunteers.

And the results are in!

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SOAK*2018 Sound Policy: a follow-up survey:
We’ll compare your actual experience to how you thought you’d feel about it when we first surveyed you back in February, and publicize all of the results. And here it is!

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Greetings from your SOAK Ambassadors!
New to the Burning Man Community and heard the term “MOOP”, but don’t know what it is? MOOP stands for “Matter Out Of Place”, and encompasses everything and anything that may have accidentally or purposefully gotten away from you (ie: lost items, dropped or blown away items, and litter).

We’ve collected, tagged and posted your SOAK*2018 Lost/Moop & Found Here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SOAKMOOPandFound/

If you’re not a Facebook user, E-mail us to ask about a lost (or found) item: soakmoopnfound@gmail.com

See you next year,
The SOAK Production Team

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