Art Placement Request is now closed.
Artist and Civic Provisions Request is now closed.

Art is an independent, stand-alone project of aesthetic interest that generally has no space for sleeping. It may be something you look at or interact with that utilizes visual and non-verbal communication. It is generally something you have created, designed, painted, programmed, etc. – not something you bought from a store.

Art Support Camps
An Art Support Camp is a reserved camping area for contributing artists and their essential crew with the express purpose of allocating a place for them to sleep. This type of camp will not be listed on the map, will not be listed in the Where What When, will not have space for public interactivity. 

If your art/camp/mutant vehicle includes a fire component, you MUST follow all SOAK fire regulations. ALL FLAME EFFECTS MUST BE INSPECTED PRIOR TO USE AT THE EVENT. Thank you for fueling our fire!

For Art Support Camp placement, please email

Demand is high and space is limited at the tree-filled Justesen Ranch. Requests for placement do not constitute a guarantee of placement. 

Questions or changes to your plans? Contact