Formerly known as Art Grants, Artist Provisions are available to Art projects coming to SOAK*2018. Provisions are generally meant to assist with materials and are limited to $800 per project. Provisions do not fully fund any project. Artist labor is not funded but is expected as part of the gift of making art for others.  A group of local Burners review the proposals and decide what art to fund and how much to offer.

What we fund:

    • Materials
    • Updates and repairs
    • Travel assistance for completed projects from the Pacific Northwest
    • Consumables for fire sculpture & public performance art (fuel, costumes, backdrops, materials) are eligible at smaller amounts.

What we don’t fund:

    • Theme Camps, Theme Camp art, Theme Camp decor, or Theme Camp-related chill space.
    • Chill domes
    • Artist labor
    • Fuel for generators.

Apply for an Artist Provision through March 12, 2018 11:59 pm PST 

You must also register for placement by March 12, 2018 11:59 PST to be considered for an Artist Provision. (If you are not seeking funding, the Placement registration deadline is March 25.)

Eligibility Guidelines

To qualify for an Artist Provision, your project must meet the following criteria:

  • Project must not be a Theme Camp, be part of a Theme Camp, or be created as Theme Camp decor or as a chill space that accompanies a nearby Theme Camp.
  • Project adheres to the spirit of the Burning Man 10 Principles.
  • Project exhibits stellar Leave No Trace (LNT) practices.
  • Project has interactive, artistic merit, skill or an approach that delights, thrills or inspires others.
  • Project must be accessible by all SOAK participants, within reason.
  • Artist must agree to post a small project sign with the project (to be provided by SOAK).
  • Project must be installed at SOAK*2018 from Wednesday May 23 – Thursday May 24, 2018 and remain installed until the morning of Monday May 28, 2018.
  • Project contact must upload drawings, sketches, or photographs (jpeg).to be considered for funds.You don’t have to be a professional illustrator! Stick figures are okay!
  • Project contact must upload budget when asking for $100 or more. See budget template below.

Click here for the Budget Template to upload when applying (make a copy or download to make it your own):

Extra Credit: Projects that will attend more than one Regional Event or  that will be included in other community events and activities will receive special consideration.

Art Provisions questions? Email

General Art questions? Email