The 2019 Major Burnable Structure (MBS)

3D renditions by Sam Smith


We asked the hive mind and it responded like never before. A record number of artists submitted ideas for this year’s Major Burnable Sculpture (MBS). We are so grateful for their participation and sharing of their artistry. In the end, Sour Patch’s submission, Collective Intelligence, won the majority of points in our internal voting process*.

This year’s MBS reflects the theme, Hive Mind, by connecting the heads of giant humanoids via a hive-like structure that represents a single mind. Sour Patch got this idea by researching the meaning of the theme, and how it could inspire each individual part of the SOAK collective – You!

To Sour Patch, hive mind represents a group of people actively sharing their intelligence through collaboration, collective effort, and competition, to achieve a better end result. It shifts knowledge and power from one individual to the collective. It requires participation. That is what SOAK 2019 is all about, and that is what Burning Man is all about – participation. Each participant adds to the collective intelligence of the event in order to make it something no one could do alone.

Now that the MBS crew is preparing to build Collective Intelligence, the hive mind concept couldn’t be clearer to us, as we continue to rely on many volunteers, with amazing knowledge and abilities, to build SOAK’s centerpiece art. Come share your intelligence with us.

*Since Sour Patch is also a team lead for SOAK, he did not cast a vote.