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READ BELOW FIRST. Demand is high and space is limited at the tree-filled Justesen Ranch, so this is not a guarantee of placement. Registration links are at the bottom.

If you wish to have:

  • Dedicated space for a theme camp with street or path frontage for public gifting or interaction.
  • Placed art
  • A sound system that is 300 watts or more
  • A mutant vehicle
  • Any project that involves fire


This is a big one. We can truly spend the rest of our lives listing things that should be considered Art — like hand written pricing labels or toilets. For the purposes of Artist Provisions:

Art Support Camp:

An Art Support Camp is a reserved camping area for contributing artists and their essential crew with the express purpose of allocating a place for them to sleep. This type of camp will not be listed on the map, will not be listed in the Where What When, will not have space for public interactivity.

Theme Camps:

Theme Camps are a group of folks who want to get together to offer gifting and interactivity to the public.

  • Camps must have public interactivity. This includes activities, events, or services within the camp domain and these gifts must be available to the entire SOAK community, within age appropriate limits.
  • Theme Camps should be visually stimulating, inviting, and have well-defined public space.
  • Theme Camps are not eligible for funding through the Artists Provisions program.
  • Theme camps must comply with all rules regarding safety, sound, LNT, neighborliness. More info here:

Mutant Vehicles:

Mutant Vehicles must apply for driving privileges. They also may register as Art and request an Art Support Camp.  

  • Mandatory: Apply for driving privileges by March 25.
  • Optional: Apply for artist provisions by March 12.
  • Optional: Apply as Art on the Placement request form, and, if you like, request an Art Support Camp after answering questions about your Art. Deadline: March 25.

If your art/camp/mutant vehicle includes a fire component, you MUST follow all SOAK fire regulations.

OK, did you read all that? Great! Start the registration process here: All Deadlines Over

Art, Theme Camp, Fire, and Vehicle placement:
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Register your Mutant Vehicle at

Questions or changes to your plans? Contact us!

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