Artist and Civic Provisions Requests
will be available soon.
Stay tuned!

Art is an independent, stand-alone project of aesthetic interest that generally has no space for sleeping. It may be something you look at or interact with that utilizes visual and non-verbal communication. It is generally something you have created, designed, painted, programmed, etc. – not something you bought from a store.

Civic Provisions – New in 2019!
Civic Provisions are micro-provisions from $25-100, meant to assist with:

  • Fuel for Community Fire. Examples: Fire that provides heat to Participants during SOAK.
  • Theme Camp Frontage Decoration. Examples: Signage, lighting, creative camp boundary barriers like flags, fabric to throw over things you probably didn’t make or alter, like a vehicle or a car port.
  • Projects that assist the SOAK community, at large, on site. These may or may not be pretty. Examples: Yellow bikes, which provide bikes for riding, not owning or a shared grey water tank rental for a neighborhood at SOAK.
  • Provisions are not meant to fund Theme Camp swag or things that primarily benefit a particular camp’s members. #hecknopluggyplay 

Artist Provisions

Eligibility Guidelines:
To qualify for provisions (formerly known as grants) your project must meet the following criteria:

  • Project has registered for Placement (a location at SOAK that can be mapped for Participants.) 
  • Project must not be a Theme Camp, be part of a Theme Camp or be created as nearby Theme Camp decor or chill space.
    Project is based in Pacific Northwest
  • Project adheres to the spirit of the Burning Man 10 Principles.
  • Project exhibits stellar Leave No Trace (LNT) practices.
  • Project has interactive, artistic merit, skill or an approach that delights, thrills or inspires others.
  • Project must be public and, if funded, agree to post signage provided by SOAK.
  • Preference given to projects installed at SOAK*2020 during the Early Arrival May 20, 2020 and remain installed until the morning of May 25, 2020.
  • Project contact must upload jpeg drawings, sketches, photographs, or stick figures to be considered for funds.
  • Project contact must upload budget when asking for over $100.
  • Extra Credit: Projects that will attend more than one Regional Event or be included in other Community activities will receive “extra credit” and consideration.