We Want Art, Theme Camps, Mutant Vehicles, and Fire Performance at SOAK*2018!

SOAK attendees have brought a large and diverse collection of art, mutant vehicles and fire performances to prior events. Whether they are bringing scale-model zooplankton, sound-blasting bumblebees, or fire-cracking bullwhips, the inventiveness of our attendees is a large part of what makes SOAK amazing!

We need to know about these these items in advance, so we can make sure the appropriate space is reserved onsite and for participant safety. Please investigate the sections below if you are:

Mutant Vehicles

Mutant vehicles and art cars are encouraged. Approval is required. You must apply to register your art car to let us know what you plan on bringing BEFORE arriving. They also may register as Art and request an Art Support Camp.  

  • Mandatory: Apply for driving privileges by March 25.
  • Optional: Apply for artist provisions by March 9
  • Optional: Apply as Art on the Placement request form, and, if you like, request an Art Support Camp after answering questions about your Art. Deadline: March 25.
  • Unregistered vehicles will not be permitted.

Register at:

Fire Performance

Fire Performers are welcomed and encouraged at SOAK. Whether you want to join us for the circle during the main burn, or if you just want to perform with your friends during the week, you must register in advance. Please follow the link attached and you will be contacted with more information.

Register at:

Disability Solutions

If you need an ADA accommodation at the event, including use of a service animal, we can help make sure you have the support you need. 

Register at:


Dog Policy

After multiple violations of the dog policy in 2015 and 2016, we have come to the conclusion that allowing dogs to to attend SOAK isn’t practical given the oversight and enforcement required. ADA service animals may attend, but pets and emotional support animals are not permitted.