Regional Contacts help local Burners connect with each other while bringing Burning Man principles and culture into our local community. They oversee all official regional events, including SOAK.
Regional Contacts: Porn Star + Ice Queen + Ghostess

Producers wrangle all of the things. In addition to budgeting, event planning, and working with vendors, they manage and support all of the individual team leads.
Producers: Honeybee + Starfish
Production Assistant & Cartographer: Hero

The Teams

Ambassadors welcomes participants to the event, staffs the Info Booth, and manages Lost + Found.
Leads: Choo Choo d’Lamour + Touchy
Volunteer with Ambassadors!

Artist Liaison encourages and registers art projects, promotes art at our events and, depending on Artist need, liaisons with SOAK departments and the art grant committee.
Liaison: Sepia
The liaison guides HeArt Support, a boots-on-the-ground team responsible for art signage, installing the mural space at the barn, and assisting creativity onsite. Volunteer with HeArt Support!

Box Office manages ticket processing & shipping, vehicle badges, canine attendee badges, and will-call.
Leads: Pantsless + Chew Toy
Volunteer with Box Office!

D’Corps designs and produces theme-specific, event-wide decor in the months & weeks leading up to event, sets up decor and signage at the event, and takes it down at the end.
Lead: Rally
Volunteer with D’Corps!

Department of Public Works (DPW) manages transportation, set-up and takedown of SOAK infrastructure (trash fence, civic signage, etc.), and event site improvement.
Leads: Hatchet + Cupcake
Volunteer with DPW!

Fire Safety assists with fire art and performer safety, and manages burn perimeters.
Lead: Dapper  |  Conclave Shin: Sabrina
Volunteer with Fire Safety!
Volunteer as a Fire Conclave Safety!

Gate staffs the event entrance and perimeter, manages wristbands, performs vehicle searches, manages traffic in and out of event, and directs event exodus.
Leads: Bubbles + Nipple
Volunteer with Gate!

Hospitality provides on-site support to the other departments with snacks, drinks, and a volunteer potluck.
Lead: Ruby
Volunteer with Hospitality!

Ice manages ice sales at the event.
Lead: Ice Queen
Volunteer with Ice!

Leave No Trace (LNT) performs post-event cleanup, restoring the event site to its original state (or better).
Lead: Tusk
Volunteer with LNT!

Major Burnable Sculpture (MBS) builds the main burnable sculpture for the event (which typically burns on Saturday), sets-up at event site, and performs burn site cleanup.
Leads: Jinx + KosherBacon
Volunteer with MBS!

Media manages event PR, the website and a ream of print jobs, from the Survival Guide to wristbands to stickers.
Leads: browse + Space Cadet

Medical assists participants with first aid and basic medical support, and provides support to the professional EMS team.
Lead: Honey Badger
Volunteer with Medical!

Parks & Wrecks handles parking lot management and controls traffic flow.
Leads: Cabin Boy + Coco
Volunteer with Parks & Wrecks!

Pathlighters creates pathway & civic lighting design, and performs onsite setup, management and takedown.
Leads: Alisa + JJ
This team is staffed for SOAK*2017!

Placement is responsible for theme camp liaisoning and coordination as well as event layout.
Leads: BlindSpot + Ceres + Joshy
This team is staffed for SOAK*2017!

Power and Comms holds the keys to the internet and helps prevent volunteers from having to scream across the property.

Leads: Brandon + Not-A-Cop

Rangers handles community safety and burn perimeter patrol. Rangers have a willingness to help others, mediate, and educate.
Leads: Sinamox + Hazelnut
Volunteer with Rangers!

Sanctuary provides a safe, quiet space and supportive care for participants who are not in medical danger.
Leads: Me2 + Juliana
This team is staffed for SOAK*2017!

Volunteer Coordinator communicates with volunteers and helps them get connected to departments of interest.
Coordinator: Lotus
This team is staffed for SOAK*2017!