ADA Accommodation Request

The ADA Accommodation Form for SOAK*2020 are now open. You can also find a link on our new Forms page.

SOAK appreciates the diversity of the community and intends to facilitate all types of participation from people with all levels of ability. Tell us what accommodations you need in order to fully enjoy the event. This could include special camping permissions, service dogs, or other types of accommodations. We want everybody to be able to come to SOAK and have a great time!

The nature of SOAK may prevent us from providing accommodations that are available at other events. SOAK takes place on a ranch located in a hilly area with no paved roads, no permanent restrooms, and no other amenities. Participants are required to provide their own food, water, shelter, and all other survival necessities. Within these constraints, SOAK’s organizers will always look for creative solutions that, when appropriate, allow for participation from all community members.

Accordingly, SOAK will fulfill requests for reasonable accommodations to the extent required by law, and will attempt to exceed legal requirements when reasonable, appropriate, and possible. Neither these questions nor your answers to them give SOAK a legal responsibility to provide any particular accommodation. Accommodations will be granted on a case-by-case basis.