If you’re bringing any type of fire to SOAK, including camp stoves, please let us know!

The Fire Safety Form is now available! Find the link on our new Forms page.

Some reminders, straight from the Survival Guide:

NO FIREWORKS! For everyone’s safety and the protection of the land, personal fireworks and pyrotechnics are prohibited.

For the safety of the surrounding community and our participants, the following are prohibited: any wood fueled appliances, including but not limited to wood fueled fire pits, fire barrels, wood stoves, pellet stoves, or torches for chasing shambling monsters. Also prohibited: chimineas, candles, tiki torches, charcoal BBQs, deep fryers, and oil lanterns. Vehicles will be searched; if these items are found, participants will be held at Gate until arrangements have been made to properly dispose of these appliances. Don’t bring them. Just don’t. Acceptable appliances: propane patio heaters, elevated propane fire pits, and battery-powered lanterns.

All flames, including ground-elevated propane patio heaters and fire art, must be monitored at all times. Unattended flames will be extinguished and persons responsible may be ejected from the event. A charged fire extinguisher or minimum 5-gallon bucket of water must be kept within 10 feet of flames at all times.

Fire and fire art must be kept at least 25 feet from any structure, vehicle, fence, or tent. Fire spinning and performing is only allowed in designated areas, which will be physically marked at the event. Fire spinning is not allowed in tent camping areas.

Fire performers must pre-register. Visit http://soakpdx.com/fire-performance/ for more information.