Mutant Vehicles

Registration for Mutant Vehicles and Mobile Art is now open! Find the link on our new Forms page.

If your art/camp/mutant vehicle includes a fire component, you MUST follow all SOAK fire regulations. ALL FLAME EFFECTS MUST BE INSPECTED PRIOR TO USE AT THE EVENT. Thank you for fueling our fire!

I have a Mutant Vehicle, am I eligible for an Art Support Camp?


Art Support Camps & Mutant Vehicle Support Camps
If you need reserved sleeping area for contributing artists and crew that work directly on your art or mutant vehicle, please use the same form to request an Art Support Camp or a Mutant Vehicle Camp. These camps will not be listed on the map, will not be listed in the What Where When guide, will not have space for public interactivity, and should not have sound louder than normal conversational levels. Visit for more information.