So, you want to register a Theme Camp, Art Support Camp, or Work Support Camp? All camps desiring placement at SOAK must fill out the Camp Placement Application. Deadline to submit was Wednesday, February 19th. Applications are now closed.

To receive placement, camps must meet the criteria below for their camp category. Camps must also be in good standing after the event. You can read the criteria to be in good standing. SOAK Producers and Leads reserve the right to make decisions on the criteria and standing of camps outside of the criteria listed below. 

 All Camps at SOAK

  1. Camps must be neighborly. This includes keeping sound within the Sound Policy, controlling where camp generators vent exhaust, and easily resolving sound, boundary, and other disputes that arise.
  2. Camps must have a good previous MOOP record.
  3. Camps must follow safety protocols designed by the event, including not entering the river, proper handling of fuels and grey water, and other areas defined by the event’s production team.
  4. Finally, camps must submit a placed camp application before the deadline, which is in mid February.

Work Support Camp

If you are volunteering for a SOAK Department, you can request a Work Support Camp for your group’s reserved camping. At least half of the campers must be active volunteers. Resources such as Early Arrival Passes for volunteers are provided by respective Department Leads (not by Placement.) Any eligible volunteer may fill out the Placement Application for a Work Support Camp, and Work Support camps can be a mixture of volunteers from more than one department. Work Support Camps do not need to be interactive and are not placed on high traffic roads. They are also not listed on the map.

Art Support Camp

For more information on Art Support Camps, visit:

Vehicles in Camp

All vehicles that do not have an RV pass, a Support Vehicle pass, an ADA approval, or are a registered Mutant Vehicle can not park in your camp and must park in the designated lot outside of the main event.

RVs:  If you wish to camp with your RV, camper trailer, bus conversion, or truck-mounted camper, you must purchase a RV/Trailer Pass. Camping in an unmodified passenger vehicle is not allowed. People without a proper RV/Trailer Pass will be turned away at the Gate.

Support Vehicles:  Support Vehicles should be actively integrated into the camp infrastructure and interactivity. Support vehicles must be registered and have a pass displayed to be parked in your camp. Support vehicles are not a replacement for an RV and cannot be used for living in as an RV. Please get an RV pass for your vehicle if you are planning on sleeping in it.  

Please indicate in your camp application form what make and model your Support Vehicle is and why it is integral to the infrastructure and interactivity of your camp. Approval for Support Vehicles are limited to the discretion of SOAK Placement and Producers. Placement will reach out after reviewing your Support Vehicle request within your camp placement application.

Common reasons we will not approve a Support Vehicle pass:

  • Storage for X and Y
  • In case it rains
  • To tie a tent or shade cloth to
  • Other reasons that don’t fall under integral to infrastructure and interactivity – decided by Placement and Producers.

SOAK’s ADA policy can be found here:

For information on Mutant Vehicles, visit: